Learning to Cultivate Beauty in Unexpected Places
February 11, 2016

This beauty has been slowly showing it’s leaves as winter is leaving our area; squeezing through and into a very crowded planter. It’s right by the front door where we live; since May. I haven’t seen this plant before. It’s been too hot and dry or too cold. But the much needed rain helped this hidden perennial take the risk to shoot forth its leaves and today, it’s first blossom.

Interesting: for months I didn’t know it was even alive. Now it’s a thriving beauty in a tight space. As I’ve been reflecting on this beginning season of Lent, I’ve been considering of what I have let go and where I need to lean in.

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40 Days of Learning to Let Go & Lean In
February 10, 2016

Quiet chords from the organ float through the air as I sit staring at the huge wooden cross at the front of the sanctuary. It is indeed a sanctuary; no loud voices or even footsteps confront my thoughts. I study the 13 pieces of rectangular turquoise glass that allow light to filter through from behind the cross. I wonder why 13?

The light outside is fading; the west facing windows are darkening their stained glass images fading. I wonder about a lot of things on this evening of Ash Wednesday. Candles on the altar are lit and someone slowly brings the dimly lit sanctuary into more full light. We’re told to open our Wesleyan hymnals to And Can It Be? My ten year old perspective on faith is youthful and full of questions: why did Jesus die? And why for me?

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