Why is Good Friday Good?
April 17, 2014

Four years ago I wrote a post with this title. You might be interested to look back at it here.

This is still a question that resonates within me; a question that you may wonder about as well. There is so much more to say than what I shared before.

Why is Good Friday Good? How is the excruciating, violent, prolonged suffering of One man good? Isn’t it morbid to focus on the blood and gore that Jesus of Nazareth went through? Isn’t this annual tradition just a little out dated in the era? I am no theologian, or Bible scholar or historian. I know people who are. I have listened to them, read their writings and mulled over all the implications on my life, on your life, on all our lives. I have come to one conclusion.

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The One Trait Needed for Success
April 15, 2014

I witnessed this on Saturday.

loch lomondI was able to see 65 adults demonstrate this trait.

You might wonder if I was at a sporting event. No.

Perhaps some other type of competition? No.

I witnessed courage when 65 adult learners individually took the stage to read a portion of a story they each had written.

These adults have learned what many never are able to and most who know how take for granted.

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