What a Difference a Preposition Makes!
November 23, 2015

True confession: I am not easy with gratitude. I have a hard time saying Thank You to a compliment. Not only that, I’ve struggled to express gratitude. Not to others, but to God.

Living in and with emotional chaos for decades I criticized places in Scripture that were commands; dismissing their relevance to me because, well, ‘that was then and this is now’. I sat over Scripture rather than coming under it. I lived as if I had a better understanding, a better awareness of when Scripture applied to my life was found wanting. I was the one who was wanting, but my rebellious nature thought I was smarter, more modern, without need.

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When Life if Full
November 14, 2015

When life is full of many good opportunities it’s really easy to have discipline slip off the plate altogether.

Exercise. Blogging. Reading. Laundry. Even having regular food in the house!

Are you helped by routines?

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