31 Days of Encouraging Words #4
October 5, 2014

57 years ago an historic event occurred in another country, propelling the United States forward in the “Race for Space”. Do you know your history?

It also happens to be the day I was born. My life has been influenced by science, industry, competition and forward thinking. Strive to be the best. Don’t settle for anything less. At the same time the words of President John F. Kennedy in his inaugural speech became the framework of service that has shaped me.

ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.

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31 Days of Encouraging Words #3
October 3, 2014

I was nearly born a reader. At least to hear my mother and gramma tell it. I read Mother Goose Rhymes at the ripe old age of 3. Impressive, eh?

I’m sure what really happened was the positive effect of reading to your children: they learn language. Rhythm, patterns, story, connection, comfort, closeness, fun. Reading had an early positive effect on me.

I have loved to lose myself in books since I could read on my own. My earliest “chapter book” was Anne of Green Gables. Not a bad start really. I was blessed with a wonderful, generous great-aunt Mildred who was the children’s book curator in a lovely bookstore in Witchita Falls, Texas. Aunt Mildred would send books for gifts.

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