1,2,3 Deedle Deedle Dee (3 New Ideas for You)
February 26, 2015

You may have noticed the name of my website; chosen specifically to fit the way I move through the world. Funny thing that still surprises my me-centered world: not everyone is like me! I forget we don’t all learn the same way, we don’t all care about the same things and we’re not motivated in the same ways.

So here I am, learning along the way. And I still get excited to share what I learn, like I am still an eager child in a classroom frantically waving my hand, hoping against hope that you’ll get excited too; that you’ll be encouraged or challenged as I was when I learned this new thing or read this new book or saw this new movie.

Maybe you get excited by some of things I share, and perhaps you’re not all interested. That’s okay really. I just hope you’ll keep stopping by to see if there might be something you are interested in hearing about. In my continued passion for learning I’ve gotten derailed lately from the sharing what I’ve learned; I’ve started telling myself no one cares but me, so why bother writing these things out anyway?

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3 Ways Both/And, Now & Not Yet are True
February 22, 2015

I am not equipped for this task but I am both stirred and compelled to write. I look up and out and seek wisdom…

It’s been a week since the world learned of the martyrdom of the 21 Coptic Christians on the Libyan shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

They did not recant their faith in Christ. They did not beg for human mercy; instead they prayed a simple, honest prayer:” Jesus help me.”

As a mother, I cry for their families who have lost a son. As a wife, I cry for the women who lost their life partner, the other half of themselves. I cry for the children who have lost their daddy. I cry for their church who have lost friends.

I cry.

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