When a Soul Needs Quiet
October 6, 2015

All morning long I’ve been juggling calendar and email; sending and receiving texts; straightening up around the house; taking care of business. It’s only 11:00 am and I feel spent. Part of me feels as if nothing has gotten done. My infamous to-do list has boxes checked so if that’s my measuring stick I know I am ok.

But something is still not settled.

My soul needs quiet.

It has been a long, slow journey to awareness of that fact. Detoxing from years of too full calendar space and changing habits has not come easily to me.

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A Good Road to Ride
October 5, 2015

Since I have been thinking a lot about what the idea Living in Tandem looks like for this series, it seems I see correlations all over the place! Some are more obvious than others, but this correlation might be a stretch for you: your calendar has an impact on Living in Tandem.

As a coach I like to know more about people than what they do for a living. It’s helpful to know how someone spends their time; if they hear themselves frequently saying “can’t, I’m busy”, what’s filling their calendar? A person’s calendar says a lot about their priorities.

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