Learning to Celebrate the Daily
August 18, 2015

I am easily distracted these days. Interestingly, the distractions come from within; the thoughts of what needs to be accomplished mix with the memories of what was and is no longer. These distractions have hindered me from actions that I love, like writing. But I’m happy to say I’ve been coming back to center and learning to celebrate the everyday moments of life thanks to a new book.

I recently read the fantastic new book Simply Tuesday by Emily P Freeman. It’s available today! The tagline for this book really called to me: Small-Moment Living in a Fast Moving World. I had been living the SLO life for 30 years until two years ago. Now living in the fast-paced, change-oriented, bigger, faster, better society of the Silicon Valley is like “drinking from a fire hose” as our pastor puts it.

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A Couple Dozen Reasons
July 20, 2015

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and SnapChat didn’t exist 24 years ago. Neither did the internet for that matter. And frankly, I’m glad. My life to that point had been a series of fender benders, speeding tickets and finally a train wreck; all of them culminating at this day, our wedding day. July 20, 1991.

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