Synonyms & Antonyms
April 11, 2016

I’m a self-proclaimed word girl. Well actually I have been curious about words, their meanings, pronunciations and correct usage since I was embarrassingly too young to be doing so. While she was still with us my mother loved to tell the story of my word association question based on suffixes (word endings).

Watching my mom put on her make up before work (think early in the morning because she was a school teacher) my 9 year old self asked about a curious sounding word. I began the question like this (so the story was often told): “Mom, since I had to have my adenoids removed will I have to have my hemorrhoids removed?” This is one time I remember my mother bursting out in laughter so loud and long that I thought I had made a terrific discovery! Adenoids and hemorrhoids must be related!

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What I learned through Lent 2016
March 30, 2016

On February 10, I committed myself to a Lent practice I self-titled ‘Let Go, Lean In’. I posted here consecutively for 7 whole days. Of 40. If I measure myself by the number of posts during this recent Lenten season, I have failed. I admit, I struggled with how I didn’t follow through, what the lack of follow through represents and a myriad of additional stories I was telling myself. In spite of all the internal chatter, I learned a few valuable lessons that might just help you too, as you are learning along the way.

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